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  Concert Credits

Morgan James
Greg Allman
Kevin Eubanks
The Ramones
Grace Potter
Larry Carlton
Chic Corea
Wyton Marsalis
David Grisman
Chic Corea & Tony Trishka

"I have recorded symphonies for the station, over the course of many years time..... but this is the best sound reinforcement work I have experienced to date." Peter Miller - location recording engineer, W.I.T.F., PBS affiliate 

"It's obvious you guy's know what you're doing"-Poncho (Production Manager- Neil Young, Kevin Eubanks, NBC Tonight Show)

 - Mt. Gretna Theater - Mt. Gretna, PA                                                                                    

* Complete Credit History

"Live Sound has the ability to capture the essence of Jazz... the warmth, intimacy and presence,

without over amplification... a True Rarity these days."  Central PA Friends of Jazz founding member

 - Steve Patton

"The Stage Guys and Sound Company were top notch. All the Best in vintage analog gear, including The Harrison SM-5 Monitor Console used at Live Aid!" Danny Gottleib / Joe Gruschecky- Longs Park                                                                                          

"This live recording is the best representation of The Codetalkers I've ever heard !" -  Bobby Lee Rodgers commenting on the Location Recording by Right Coast Recording's  Dave Wilkerson , and studio mixing skills of Bobby Gentilio.

    - Bobby Lee Rodgers / The Codetalkers 


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