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                                                                                                           Professional   Event Production Services  717-367-3679 


       Audio, Lighting, Staging, Backline, Recording and Management .  


  Serving the Musical Arts Community for 40 years ,... 



Lachy Dooly - Psych
Upstage Symphony
Brian Auger
March 4th Marching Band
Symphony By Twilight
Grace Potter
Better than a Bic .._
Brand X Locked and Loaded
Cannon-Longs Park
Fish Eye Brand X
Longs Park- A Drone's Eye View
Night Cannon
Pena Lebre
LP Grassy Knoll ...
Bernie !
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  Brand X - Recorded  "Live"  thru our Clair/Showco Harrison HM-5.


 Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Patterson at Peter Gabriel's ,    Real World Studios.

Live Recording


 Live Sound Productions

            TM © 1980 

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